Amy Pepperney MD

Amy Pepperney MD

I Coach Women on Confidence & Mindset

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Hi! I'm Amy.

Hi, I'm Amy!

I coach and teach women on the confidence and mindset skills they need in life and business.

Perhaps you're a mid-career woman wanting to do something new but thinking you can't because you don't have the skills, don't know how, or don't have enough time.

Or maybe you're feeling stuck where you are and stretched too thin. Like there's nothing actually wrong and yet something isn't quite right.

Women work hard, often juggling multiple hats and putting everyone else first. And often our unconscious thoughts related to time, perfectionism, and self-worth are directly impacting our life experience and preventing us from reaching our goals without us even knowing it.

I specialize in helping you to make mindset shifts that will transform your view of yourself so that you can rediscover the joy in what you have, and cultivate the goals you've been dreaming of. 

I know this because I did it for myself and I'm passionate about teaching these skills to others.

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